Mostly Florida - Winter 2015 travel blog

Once we were across the Illinois border, we watched spring totally disappear; the grass was brown, the tree limbs were bare. We thought about the bright blue skies and 80ยบ temperatures we had left behind in Florida. Even though it seemed like we were gone a long time, winter still feels right around the corner. We were glad we took this slightly longer route through Illinois, because the traffic was light until we got within half an hour of home. As always our home looked like a palace, so huge after spending four months in a motor home, no matter how spacious. Neighbors stopped by to welcome us back and fill us in on the latest news. It was great to see them again.

When we turned on the TV we saw oodles of commercials for the mayoral election that is taking place in Chicago tomorrow. It was OK to see them once, but what a blessing to have missed them in their constant repetition. When we were in St. John last fall, the political commercials continued on TV for at least a week after the election was over. It made us laugh and wonder if there was no one else who had been interested in buying some ad time.

As soon as we get the rig emptied and the mail read and answered, it will be time to prepare for the next adventure - a Panama Canal cruise. That's sure to be a return to warmth and sunshine. We'll be travel blogging again soon.

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