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translates to 540 stairs, plus landings!

cheerleaders were a hit with everyone!

Buckey was also a hit

the condo building we climbed

Climbers from Carefree and Buckey

nesting dove under a pavilion

While we were in Costa Rica, Buckey (Judy's partner and my neighbor) fell while walking one of their standard poodles. She suffered a concussion and her face was very bruised. There is always someone at Carefree to see what's going on and to lend a hand, so she wasn't down for long before being taken to the emergency room of the hospital. People stayed with her and took care of her and the dogs until we came back and Judy could take over.

Buckey had been training to participate in a stair climb to benefit the American Lung Cancer Association, but could no longer do it. I volunteered to take her place as soon as I found out about her bad fortune. I walked up those 540 steps on Wednesday night, which was the last practice for everyone. I did it with Sue (who had the seizure!) and Charlene, who organized this walk and the team called the Medicare Climbers! I did it in almost 12 minutes that night.

Carefree cheerleaders came to cheer us on, but they were recruited to cheer for most other climbers as well. They loved it! Terry and Freda, a popular couple at Carefree, were also climbing on their own, but were allowed to climb with us, making our group 5 climbers. Buckey came along with at least 6 other Carefree residents to support us. Buckey was made the Grand Marshal of the climb and received gifts and lots of attention from the organizer of the event, Kurt! I climbed the stairs, using Buckey's name, in 9 1/2 minutes this time!

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