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Carpe Diem rests at D&W RV Park

We took the loop road (I 275) around Cincinnati
Which goes into Kentucky,...

Rubber ducky on I 275 in Cincinnati
We never did see the bathtub...

Entering Indiana on I 275 (for about five miles)...

... and finally, back in Ohio on the west side of Cincinnati

And then back into Indiana, this time on I 74

I 74 in Indianapolis

Illinois is next, also on I 74

Midwest summer thunderstorm on I 74 east of Champaign

D&W RV park sign

Sat, 23 Aug: Back on the road again...

After more than six weeks in storage and another five days at the nearby FMCA Campground, Carpe Diem finally got to hit the road again. It felt really good to head out of the campground and get the engine really warmed up for a change.

We spent most of our five days provisioning Carpe's fridge, freezer, and pantry with stops at Wal*Mart, Costco, and Sam Club. We also got caught up with all our mail, which was a major chore. Friday (yesterday) we drove the car to Dayton to visit with Aunt Betty for a few hours (always a treat!)

We didn't get underway this morning until 0940. We would like to tell you that our late start was due to the early morning fog, but the reality is we didn't get up until just before eight. But sleeping in really felt great!

Getting from the east side of Cincinnati (where the FMCA Campground is located) to the west side (from where I 74 radiates) is not easy in an RV. Actually, it isn't that pleasant in a car. So, we took the I 275 loop road south into Kentucky and then west into Indiana and back north back into Ohio to I 74. It added about 25 miles to the trip but spared us innumerable grey hairs. We love easy!

We re-entered Indiana on I 74 and continued toward Indianapolis where we stopped at a Pilot/Flying J truck stop for fuel (we only needed 26 gallons but we wanted to add some fresh diesel to the tank). Following the fill-up we pulled into the parking area and had a relaxing lunch. It was 88°F so we ran the generator during lunch, something we rarely do. We also love cool!

Following lunch we continued west on I 74 into Illinois where we encountered a major summer thunderstorm east of Champaign. The bulk of the storm was north of us but it packed enough wind to rock Carpe about for a while.

We are now parked in the D&W RV Park just north of Champaign. Today's run was a respectable 271 miles with an overall fuel usage of 8½ mpg. We moved into the Central Time Zone so we get an extra hour of sleep time. We also love that.

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