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One of the several larger feed lots along the route

Welcome to New Mexico

Sand dunes out in the middle of nowhere.

Welcome to Logan, NM - Home of Ute State Park

Our campsite at Ute

Some NM country around Logan

I met a friend

I scratched his neck...

...and he scratched mine.

Here she comes around the curve

We don't know what this is/was

There was a geocache here...over the edge a bit.

And a train!

Have an airplane? You can live here!



The husband of the owner of my "friend", the grey horse.

Today our journey will take us to Logan, New Mexico via US-54 and NM-540. We're staying at the Ute State Park which is just outside the little town of Logan. It was another short (very short!) drive (74 miles!) but that's okay; we're in no hurry.

This is a nice park, spread out over several different campgrounds and a lake. We actually pulled into our lot in reverse so the big back window could overlook the lake.

Bob visited the local Senior Center for lunch one day while I went geocaching. Not a very big town but the people are very "western-friendly".

I met a very nice horse, all alone in a huge desert pasture, so we "talked" a bit. Later, I met the owner of the horse (she works at the state park). The mural painting on the side of one of the buildings in town shows her husband on one of their horses. Pretty neat.

I've included a whole bunch of flora and fauna we found in the desert when we went exploring. If you're interested in all the different things that manage to grow in a stony desert setting (all within a 200 sq. ft. area), you can click here.

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