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Carpe Diem boondocking at Clarion, PA Wal*Mart

US 30 in Ohio

There was considerable construction on I 80

More I 80 road work

Sandi "concentrating" thru construction zone
Yes, those knuckles are a tad white...

Tue, 30 Jul We're on a roll... Rolling down the road that is. In fact we're on track to arrive in New Jersey a day early. Thanks to HWH for their quick service stop (see yesterday's Journal).

We awoke after a well earned nite's rest. It is rare for us to arrive at an overnite destination later than mid- to late-afternoon. Last nite's arrival at dusk was very unusual and, as a result, we really slept well.

After breakfast we got Carpe ready to roll and headed out a bit before nine. Back on US 24 we enjoyed the divided four-lane Transportation Corridor and a, relatively, well maintained road.

At Fort Wayne we switched from US 24 to US 30. Also a Transportation Corridor, US 30 cuts east/west thru Indiana as a limited access highway. It crosses into Ohio and crosses I 71 near Beaverdam. We lunched at a rest stop just west of I 71 and switched drivers.

We stayed on I 71 to I 75 into Youngstown and then to I 80. We stopped at the Pilot/Flying J in Hubbard, OH and added 75 gallons of the liquid gold. Diesel is almost 20¢/gallon more in Pennsylvania, so this fill up should hold us until we return to Ohio later in August.

An aside... We've been using our Pilot/Flying J RVPlus card for more than a month now. The RVPlus card is issued by Pilot/Flying J and we get billed monthly for our fuel purchases. The advantages include being able to use one card, which we swipe at the pump (any pump; truck, RV, or auto) and receive a 6¢/gallon discount off the posted cash price. Thus far it has worked like a charm and we save anywhere from $3 to $5 per fillup.

After topping off our tank we continued east on I 80 into Pennsylvania. Some sixty miles into Pennsylvania we stopped for the day at the Clarion, PA Wal*Mart. Another overnite as guests of our favorite RV road stop.

Today's stats: 354 miles, 7¾ hours, 8.8 mpg.

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