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A large storm moved down the Pacific coast from Alaska. We watched the LA forecast intently, wondering what it meant for us in the Inland Empire. Although southern CA weather is not as interesting as ours at home, the forecast is quite complex since there are so many micro regions. The coast gets one forecast: the mountains get another; the flat interior is usually warmer and drier and where we are in gently rolling hills had another forecast. As new arrivals, we're not familiar with the regional terminology. There was great forecaster excitement about closing the Grapevine. We had no idea what he was talking about, but did understand that even our rolling hillsides were in danger of getting snow. The only comfort we could take in this news was that it was 14ยบ at home according to WGN.

Well, we did have some rain, but awoke to blue skies, cool temps, but no snow. There is always a long list of projects waiting for a poor weather day. Today Ken improved the lighting in our RV. Since RV's have lights that work on AC and lights that work on DC, we have tons of fixtures, but overall the lighting is not bright enough, especially for aging eyes. I have lost two sets of contact lenses in my bathroom since we left home. At the boondocking rally a fellow RVer showed us Netlights, a flexible strip of tiny LED's that can be stuck on the wall anywhere that has DC nearby. We ordered them with Amazon Prime and in two days the delivery truck was here. Ken framed both our bathroom mirrors and ran a line of lights in his closet. Now it's so bright , we could get a tan in here!

Our jacks have stopped working again. If only Ken (or one of the many repairmen we have spent time with on this problem) had the expertise to fix them as well...

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