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Sam trying to write with a Quill

Listening to the guide discuss Jefferson's slaves

Jefferson's grave stone

Group shot

At Manassas in the morning

Today went to Monticello. It was Thomas Jefferson's home. We got a tour of the house, which had many inventions. One was a machine that when you wrote, it made an exact copy. Jefferson also designed a clock that told the day of the week. His work was inspiring. Everything he had was futuristic. He also held slaves, but didn’t like it. He thought that slavery should be abolished, but didn’t think he’d be alive to see it happen and he was right. I thought that it was weird that he wouldn’t free his slaves if he didn’t like slavery. We saw where his slave’s quarters were. One of them housed a slave that he had an affair with. The family kept showing up at the Jefferson Family Reunion, but were kicked out. Finally, scientists tested their DNA and proved that they actually were related to Thomas Jefferson.

For father’s day dinner we went to a Cajun restaurant. I had popcorn shrimp. My dad and Auntie Jill had a bottle or wine and even left a little for our waitress.

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