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cusco at night

Queen Di in her carriage

the local ladies

the not so local lady

our cook in her kitchen

it just doesn't get more ridiculous than this

or does it?

and we went out dressed to lill

no it does't get any better

kitchen and dining on the left

our street

the local inca ruins













Spent next couple of days in Cusco it was nice to be settled for a while and it gave a few people time to recover from chest and tummy bugs. A quite virulent tummy bug has invaded the truck and it is my and Mollie's contention that it only /attacks people with no excess body fat.

Headed backwards to a home stay in a small village called Raqchi where we were billeted 4 to a house.Our family was really nice with no English and our group had no Spanish. The ladies of the houses do all the organising but our family included Will..... and he brought a bike with cart to carry our bags - the house was slightly uphill and Di was struggling so we took some of bags off and put her on and up she went like Lady Muck. The houses were pretty basic I was sharing with Di and we had a double and single bad - we realised later we had taken Ian and Jo's room but since Ian got pretty sick that night they were glad. Did a tour of the local Inca ruins - the most impressive part was a water receiving area where a number of water spouts were - it turned out that the water is delivered at a constant rate in wet and dry seasons it is clean and clear and so far no one has been able to find its source probably a spring up to 5 kms away. And has been in use for over 500 years.

Had a pottery demo and then dinner with our families - I was hanging around so was given some veges to prepare we'd had quinoa soup for lunch and an alpaca steak with potatoes and salad for dinner we had more quinoa soup with potatoes - have I mentioned that there are 2400 varieties of potato in Peru!

Off to the plaza for a coco leaf ceremony praising Pachamamma(mother earth) for this we had to be dressed up in local costume Di reckoned that Jo and I both looked 3 years pregnant.

It was quite fun and was followed by music and dance - like our last homestay the dance wasn't very complicated in thus one it was mainly moving joined hands back and forward.

All over by.30 and off to, bed which was surprisingly comfortable and very warm. To be allowed home stay visitors the homes have to install a bathroom with toilet handbasin and shower - not that any of us used the shower - it didn't feel right to, use what little hot water they have.

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