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We are restless souls. We love finding out what is over the next hill and seeing things we have heard about for ourselves. Many of the people we are camped along side at Tropic Star stay for months and return year after year. It’s not unusual to meet someone who can tell us what was going on here back in the 1990’s. Ancient history! But after our third lengthy stay here and fourth in the Valley, we’re beginning to feel like natives ourselves.

It would be very easy to stay on for a few more months and simply go home from here. Rates are low and the average daily tariff goes down even more the longer we are here. It’‘s nice to be in a fixed spot where we can get regular deliveries and mail service. Being a gypsy can get lonely. Here Ken has found a compatible tennis group and we have met people here who remember us from last time. There are also some old friends who traveled to Mexico with us a few years ago two towns away. We know cheap places to play golf; our campground has a small course that is free. Although there are many activities here we do not join - square dancing being the primary example - there’s enough to do when the weather is nice enough to be outside. There are so many restaurants in the area, many non-chain, that we could have gone out to eat every day for the six weeks we’ve been here and never gone to the same place twice. When Ken wants to repair something or I want to cook something special, we know where to go to get exactly what we need. Winter Texans are appreciated here and the locals do everything they can to help us enjoy our stay.

But we find ourselves doing the same things over and over and we’re ready for something new. The flat land in the Valley is not very beautiful whether it is irrigated and growing crops or au natural and full of scrub. And when the weather turns wet or cool, we think longingly about going to the theater or a decent museum.

So we will say adios to Tropic Star, confident that we will be back again some time. It’s a wonderful place to hunker down and let the worst of winter pass by to the north. We’ll head for the coast to the beautiful beaches just past North Padre Island and get reinvigorated by some new scenery and a different campground before the spring breakers invade. We know we will miss the sweet, sweet smell of the orange blossoms surrounding us while the oranges are ripening and the hospitality of the Valley.

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