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Tall ship arriving in Cadiz

Tall ship leaving next day with accompanying flotilla

All sails set

On our way to Barbate

Current position on plotter...

...and Torre de Gracia in real life

Skipper taking it easy!

We finally managed to leave Cadiz, having got to know it pretty well – we had an amusing tour of the city from the camera obscura in Tavira Tower and found a café run by a French lady which has a huge range of different teas, served in teapots, which makes a welcome change from a glass of hot water with a tea bag on the side! As we left the marina at Cadiz, we found ourselves in the midst of lots of yachts loitering in the harbour entrance. It turned out that a four-masted tall ship was about to leave harbour and sail around the world, so we joined the flotilla for a short while and accompanied the ship out. It was a fantastic sight with its sails set. We had a great sail from Cadiz to Barbate – 38 nautical miles in 8 hours and stayed the night there.

2 April: Sailed from Barbate to Gibraltar or at least we had to motor the first part and then sailed the rest, arriving in Gib at 3pm – 30 nautical miles in 6 hours.

Unfortunately Jane’s Dad was suddenly taken ill and ended up extremely poorly and in hospital, so she flew back to the UK on 4 April for a couple of weeks - thankfully he is now recovering. Francis was busy meanwhile in Gibraltar making us a gangway (out of a scaffolding plank) so that we can get on and off the boat – in the Med you have to moor stern-to about a metre away from a fixed jetty that doesn’t float and so you need a way of getting ashore even at low tide when the jetty is some way above the boat! He made a great job of it and it certainly beats spending €600 on an official ‘passarelle’!

Once Jane was back in Gib, we had a very busy day seeing the sights, taking the cable car up to the top of ‘the Rock’ where we saw the local monkeys eating food put out for them. They are a real pest and attacked Francis earlier in the week when he walked to the top and then rather unwisely tried to eat a cake outside with his coffee – it didn’t last long! We also saw stalactites/mites in St Michael’s Cave, visited the tunnels that were excavated high up in the rock to defend Gibraltar and to withstand the great siege in the 1700s, admired the views across to north Africa and generally played our part as tourists.

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