2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

Fields of corn are everywhere

Abraham Lincoln's home in Springfield, Illinois

Lincoln's top hat hangs in the entry way

The parlor where the Lincoln's entertained guests

The table is laid out for guests

Lincoln's desk

The children's room

The kitchen where Mary Todd Lincoln did all the cooking

The kitchen

After spending 2 nights in Iowa we continued our journey south into central Illinois. As we traveled through Iowa and Illinois we saw fields of corn that stretched for miles across the rolling hills. We also saw several Ethanol plants during the day, mostly in Illinois. As we crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois we saw that the river was high but did not appear to be flooded.

We are just south of Springfield, Illinois, the location of the Abraham Lincoln Home National Historic Site. The home where he lived for many years with his wife Mary Todd Lincoln and his children has been restored. Much of the furniture is the original furniture they used when they lived there.The entire block around the house is part of the national historic site.

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