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Crossing the Albemarle Sound

One of many bodies of swamp water

Varying sizes of farming operations


Terrapins may be on the logs

Possible more terrapins

Not many remaining fire towers on the east coast

Intercoastal Waterway








Stumpy Point a fishing village

She crab soup and calamari

What's left of two large crab cakes

Happy tax day!! You last minute crunchers must love thrill. We like to get it out of the way ASAP. Good luck-hope you don't have to pay out.

It was time for a road excursion. Get out the North Carolina atlas and follow along. Leaving Suffolk on route 32S towards Edenton; cross the Albermarle Sound; go east on route 64 for a short distance; south on route 94-a North Caorlina scenic by-way; NE on route 264 to our destination-The Outer Banks. Of course, you know there is a restaurant Corky loves at the end of the road. After a very satisfying meal, we headed home the more traditional way from the Outer Banks; N158 to 17.

Do you know the difference between a turtle and a terrapin? The terrapin is a turtle living in the brackish swamp water of the south and east coast. Sometimes they are referred to as diamond back terrapin. Many were out sunning; however as soon as the car rolls to a stop for pictures, they quietly slide into the water. Don't they know I must have a picture for this journal?

The NWR(national wildlife refuge) is the same as many in our area-shorebirds, wading birds,migratory birds, birds of prey(eagle & osprey),deer, bobcat, river otter, black bear, and the endangered red wolf. Mattamuskeet Lake is a shallow 40,000 acre natural lake. It's formation remains speculation. Early 1900's farmers wanted the lake drained for crops. Consequently, a pumping station was built. It didn't take long to realized this was a bottomless money pit and impracticle. Consequently, the pumping station was converted to a hunting lodge. Presently, it is a visitor center.

Blue crabs are hearty this year. The crab cakes were large and full of meat, little to no filler. I enjoyed a cup of she crab soup and calamari. The calamari wasn't as good as Sal's. Sal's is a small restaurant in the town where we previously lived. He doesn't include tentacles-yuck! Pretty classy remark,eh?

News flash: Corky is now hearing 100%. He's hearing sounds not heard in 15-20 years. I will hear him chuckling to himself as his ears discover a new sound eg. the turn signal, the seat belt alarm, saran wrap crinkling, etc. For a while we were quite a sight with both having a hearing deficit. I'm the lone left sided non hearer secondary to the radiation. We're told this deficit along with the right sided motor deficits could take up to a year to return to normal. I'm doing very well with this chemo. There are always side issues with the meds. They are not too big to deal with so I can continue to enjoy life! As I say,"how can I look this good and be this sick?"

It was time to do a little shopping. I'm not a very enthusiastic lady shopper. How I wish I could have gone to Yuma with my Quartzite friends for a shopping day and lunch out. That I will anticipate next winter. It isn't all about me; Corky is keeping himself busy with car "doodling" and yard work. Usually, I do the yard work. Corky has done it, even trimming trees and bushes, with no complaints. Soon he will be leaving on the first boat transportation trip. Here's hoping some pictures will be taken so we can get a glimpse of "Mr 10-4 good buddy".

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