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Passing thru Jacksonville, they want you to be sure you know where...

Lots of lovely Palms

Crossing the ever present St. John River

Lovely marinas make us miss our sailboat

Passing thru Osceola National Forest on the Interstate

Pine forest

Little patches of spring wildflowers

Also cornfields

Tallahassee Elks Lodge

Here we are tucked away in our own little forest at the...

Hmmm, interesting tree

Beautiful old furniture in the Elks Lodge

See, it says lodge number 1 on it.

Intricate carvings on all the pieces

We left Daytona area to head back up towards SW Georgia. I want to meet a woman that has helped me with my Queen Family Genealogy, as she and I have a common ancestor, Great-Great-Great Grandparents John and Mary Queen.

We stopped over night along the way in Tallahassee, FL at the Elks Lodge. The RV spaces are tucked away in among the trees with full hookups. We visited the lodge and were being greeted by everyone that came into the lounge. They recognized new faces and were very friendly and willing to come over and introduce themselves and chat. They showed us their meeting room which houses the beautiful original furniture from Lodge #1 in New York (from the 1800's) that was bought for a steal in the early 1915 when Lodge #1 was remodeling. Ever since then, Lodge #1 has been trying to get the furniture back, and Tallahassee loves telling this story. The furnishings are beautiful dark wood with elaborate carvings and several of the piecs have BPOE 1 carved on them.

On our way up to Tallahassee we passed through Jacksonville, crossing the St. John River that traverses the length of Florida. We passed marinas and the Osceola National Forest, some corfields and even saw a few patches of wildflowers along the roadside.

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