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Shelburne, NS - The Islands Provincial Park - Site 55

The view of Shelburne from our campsite

Digby to Shelburne 1 - another Osprey nest on a utility pole

Digby to Shelburne 2 - they are pretty good about providing good...

Digby to Shelburne 3 - a couple of new ones here, can...

Digby to Shelburne 4

Digby to Shelburne 5

Digby to Shelburne 6 - a large wind farm on the way...

Digby to Shelburne 7 - almost got a picture of a lighthouse...

Digby to Shelburne 8

Digby to Shelburne 9

The UFO Centre in Shag Harbour, NS, site of a 1967 sighting...

Shelburne shoreline 1

Shelburne shoreline 2

Shelburne shoreline 3

Shelburne shoreline 4

The drive today was 133 miles, including a detour to Shag Harbor to see the UFO Centre there. The roads here in Nova Scotia have really been good for the most part. Their highways that are access controlled, similar to our interstates, have been in very good shape and you can make good time on them, like ours. But the single digit roads, 1 and 3, that are routed along the coasts are not so good, being very narrow and uneven. I think Doris spends a good bit of the time with her eyes closed on them and I don't think she's sleeping!!

We are staying at The Islands Provincial Park and dry camping. The sites are not as large as I would have expected at a Provincial Park and we were unlucky enough to reserve a space close to a couple of others that are having a party. Last time we counted there were five couples and I don't know how many kids. The views of Shelburne from the campsite are spectacular but don't make up for the noise. We did make the best of it though and drove into Shelburne to get Doris another lobster and a couple of other items at the local Sobeys. Sobeys reminds us a little of our Publix supermarkets, even down to the green lettering.

Needless to say this stop wasn't the relaxing, quiet stay we anticipated so we will cut it a day short and head to Lunenburg tomorrow, Saturday.

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