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In our state we have a kazillion school districts all doing their own thing and that includes scheduling their own school calendars. Texas has a much more monolithic approach to education, which means that they have a huge influence on the content of what is included in text books all across the US, and also means that everyone K - 16 seems to have the same Spring Break. By the end of the weekend the campground at Tiki Island was full and the shoulders of the nearby roads were full of parked trucks with boat trailers behind them. We loved the ocean views at Tiki, but the traffic noise from the nearby expressway became oppressive. It was time to move on.

Our current campground is only about thirty miles away in Kemah, a local tourist destination, but virtually unknown to out-of-staters judging by the license plates of the neighbors. It's much quieter here and the coastline is less than a mile away. Spring break families are here enjoying Kemah Boardwalk, a Disney-lite manufactured quaint area. As the name implies there is a boardwalk along the water and a day's worth of amusement park rides. There are also famous name restaurants as well as a place featured on "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives," which was doing a great BBQ business. The boardwalk area also has the kind of shops that sell you stuff you didn't know you needed until you saw it. Folks familiar with Chicago, might compare it to Navy Pier with much cheaper parking. And if you were willing to walk a few blocks, parking was free.

When we're at home during holiday times, we try to hunker down and stay out of everyone's way until they go back to work and school and the world belongs to the geezers again. Probably the same approach would be a good idea here. We hopped on our bikes and rode a nearby coastal neighborhood where many folks were outside planting their flowers and working in their gardens. I wanted to jump in the car and go home to do the same. Too bad it will be another two months before it will be safe to plant anything there.

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