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Airline food Round 1

Coming into Laos

View over Pakse

Airline food flight 2

In Vientiane

National Museum

Culture Hall

The not so mighty mekong

Pub huts on the river

Nam Phu Fountain

Wat Mixay

After much to-ing and fro-ing it was decided that our best course of action was to fly to Laos rather than heading overland from Cambodia. The overland route would involve about 4 days of buses and heading back down to Phnom Penh then back up north in a very circticious route that would take up far too much time of Fran's 3 weeks left.

We had Mr Bean drive us to the airport this morning then caught a Lao airlines flight to Vientiane via Pakse, in the south of Laos, where we stopped for an hour to get visas. On arrival we hunted down a decent hotel (hard to find here) that wasn't infested with bed bugs like many of the guesthouses here. From there I went out on foot and I think I pretty much covered most of the city in one afternoon, its very small and really, not much to see.

Its much dingier than where I've just come from and doesn't have the really great vibe of Siem Reap. BUT it does have a huge variety of restaurants and heaps of Indian ones! The Mekong flows through here as well but its a very diminuitive version of it, although that is probably just beacause its dry season. I don't think I'll stay here long, I;ve heard about so many gorgeous places in Laos that I'm keen to move on, cos clearly Vientiane isn't one of them!

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