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North of Prescott

Coming into Sedona

On West Fork Trail

On trail

Romantic place to sit...

Returning on trail

So here I am back in Flagstaff for the third time. I had a look round Prescott this morning and then drove through great countryside and the Mingus Mountains to Jerome and then Sedona, yet again. Despite feeling a bit rough and like I could perhaps benefit from a session in an Andromedan energy vortex, instead I just completed the seven mile hike that Erica and I did a bit of before, i.e. the Oak Creek West Fork Trail. It was very pretty. Twice I nearly trod on a garter snake (non-poisonous), good job there weren't rattlers, what with my inadequate snake spotting skills. It was good to get up a good pace, as I haven't had much exercise for a few days. Meanwhile back home in England, Erica unfortunately missed her connecting bus and had a lot of bother to get home, though she did eventually. Myself, after a short and scenic drive to Flagstaff I checked in to my motel, even more studenty than the last time, and spent a while in a tattoo place and finally found something I wanted. But it was 180 dollars! No way, dude! Cheaper at home!

I went out for a meal, indeed the same one I had had with Erica when we were last here. It was still a delicious meal, but I still haven't adjusted to being alone again and felt a bit depressed. All the bars are either empty or full of young students, who I don't really feel in the mood for. Still, I know from experience that this will wear off.

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