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The ferry got to port at 9:30 Pacific Time, only an hour and a half late after starting from Ketchikan 3 and a half hours late. The day was rainy and foggy like I've seen for the past week but the temperature was warmer.

I immediately drove a little north to have the RV serviced and found that the oxygen sensor stopped working, causing the "Service Engine Soon" light to stay lit. I was also told I needed rear brakes and rotors because the pads are well worn and the rotors are grooved up like I ran over rocks or something. As soon as I mentioned that I just got back from a Canada/Alaska trip, he smiled and understood. I'll get the brakes fixed in California, since that's a full day's job.

Late in the afternoon, I left Bellingham for a town between Seattle and Tacoma. Lucky me went by Seattle at 5 PM during rush hour. I saw the Space Needle and the high rise buildings of downtown. It's been a while since I saw a bona fide city!

I found Dash Point State Park about 7 PM and tried to find a taxi or shuttle service to take me to the airport to get Mom. No luck, so I broke camp and drove in a confusing area at night with a 35' rig. No problem, Mom called when she had retrieved her bag and mentioned what doors she was near. I was close and happened to look at exit doors and saw her standing there! Nice.

Instead of driving all the way to the state park and going through the hassle of getting in the gates, backing into a very dark spot, and working to get it levelled, we stayed in the local Wal-Mart. But we soon found out the store was in the flight path of planes and that Tuesday night must be parking lot cleaning night. Oh well, the coach was level and we could walk to the store to shop the next morning, so it all works out.

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