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Unfortunately, the text that I had spent HOURS on has disappeared. Here is a replacement, with as much as I can remember of that time period.

We're all still working on Dower House next door. My job tends to be more feeding the workers (Patricia and Terry). I've enjoyed picking the rhubarb from the "back 40" and buying local strawberries, then cooking up crumble (almost every day!) for Terry. It's so nice to cook for someone who appreciates it.

The mornings are cool and cloudy, and the rain seems to be on and off all day. Not great weather to go for walks (too muddy), but the plants and gardens are definitely grateful for the change from the dry, warm March and April. All of the gardens are displaying their June colours, yet it is barely into May.

I'm finally getting some of the reading done that I had planned, and finishing off a spreadsheet for Patricia. Also, I'm organizing all the information that I found in Doncaster (remember, I had to take all my notes in pencil).

When Patricia is not at Dower, she is working on her coursework for her Masters at Bristol University. We took a trip to deliver her work on Tuesday. Although the weather was still not great, at least it wasn't raining that day. The drive was wonderful (about 1 1/2 hours?) and I only got a chance to see a little of Bristol. It seems to be a thriving city, much like other university cities I have visited. We went to Whole Foods for lunch (another will be opening in Kensington/London in a couple of months).

My tan is fading already -- it may be gone by the time I get home on the 11th. And here I was hoping to be able to say that I went to England to get a tan!

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