Anthony and Erica on the road to Mandalay 2006 travel blog

Monks begging for alms, Yangon, Burma

Schwedagon Hill, Yangon, Burma

The Schwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Burma

The Schwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Burma

Bagan archeological zone, Burma

Bagan ancient city, Burma

Mt. Popa, Burma, home ot the 37 Nat spirits and their king

Amarapura, Burma

U-Bein teak bridge, Amarapura, Burma

Ruins of Mingun Pagoda, Burma

Leg rowing fisherman, Inle Lake Burma

Inle Lake, Burma

Inle Lake Pagoda, Burma

'Long-neck' girl, Inle Lake, Burma

Indein Village, Inle, Burma

Novice monk, Inle Lake, Burma

Royal Palace under stormclouds, Bangkok, Thailand

Late afternoon kayaking, Ha Long Bay, Northern Vietnam

Late evening, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Fishermen's houses, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Tam Coc temple, Vietnam

Hue mausoleum, Vietnam

Hue mausoleum, Vietnam

Hue mausoleum in the rain, Vietnam

Hue temple gardens, Vietnam

Nuns and monks, Hue, Vietnam

Me, Hue, Vietnam

Flooded Hoi An, Vietnam

Flooded Hoi An, Vietnam

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Reflections of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

In the first courtyard of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Second level of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Monks at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

South Gate, Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Bayon face, Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Ta Prohm, Angkor, Cambodia

Ta Prohm, Angkor, Cambodia

Me in the 'Tomb Raider' doorway, Ta Prohm, Angkor, Cambodia

Ta Som, Angkor, Cambodia

Beng Mealea, Cambodia

Beng Mealea, Cambodia

The red sandstone of Banteay Srei, Angkor, Cambodia

Cao Dai worshippers, Southern Vietnam

Hell of a good fun my last night away. I feel too old to dance on pool tables, but had a bit of a thrash around nevertheless..."pretty fly for an old guy"! Then two hours drunken sleep and a scary 100 mph (literally) taxi ride to the airport, weaving in and out of traffic and feet behind the cars in front. This was doing both my hangover and my head in, so in the end I told him to slow down, which I normally never do. And then what seemed like days later, I was waiting interminably at Heathrow (which looks really shabby compared to Bangkok Airport) for my luggage. The lovely Erica was there to drive me to her rural idyll outside Bath and some catching up. And now here I am back at home in Bristol. Son Shea has managed to end up homeless and unemployed again, and is back living at home, and I now don't have a working shower, so its back to the real world with the usual bump.


Its taken me a while to sort out my pics, but I have. I've updated the blog, hopefully correcting all the spelling mistakes, and redone virtually all the pictures now that I can access all of them, not just the ones small enough to post. Therefore I would hope that visually it is an even better experience than before. Unless you are really keen though, just look at the three 'BEST of country' pages, or even this last 'BEST of trip' page. The best of the movie clips - for those who can access them - are on the relevant 'BEST of country' pages. This was a new departure for me, and basically I recorded nearly all of them wrong, hence only a small choice of not that great vids, but I now know what works best for next time.

I got a cold almost as soon as I got back, and it is cold here! And dark, and wet...and frankly a bit depressing after travelling, though I know from experience that is partly a question of adjustment. Shea is a worry, but hopefully we can have an OK Xmas before I rack up the pressure on him to get a job and a life. It was nice to be back with Erica again though. But where to next? Possibilities for two or three months away next year - not necessarily in order of preference (that list starts with the Moon and the South Pole) - are:

South-West USA

Malaysia to Australia overland

Japan, Korea, and? (Shea is meant to be saving up to do this one with me)

Central Asia - a circle through the 'Stans' (may include North-West China and Mongolia)

Russia (as above re Mongolia, etc)

Eastern Europe

West Africa

India and?

East Africa

What an attractive range of options: Grab the passport, money and plane ticket, unpack the sense of adventure, and off we go!

Hasta la vista!

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