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Roman bath

cold pool

The main bath

roman statue

royal bath

Cute town of Lacock

Lacock store

The cherchill horse

A well in Avebury

more standing stones...yeah!

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Todd playing Leap frog

This morning we were able to go to the Roman Bath's that gave bath it's name. They are really amazing. They are still functional to this day although they are not is use as the bath used to have a building surrounding it and it no longer does which has caused the baths to grow algae and turn dark green in colour.

Back in the day the bath would have been a social place for the romans as well as a place of healing and relaxation. We were able to do an audio tour through the place and learned alot about ancient romans.

We went to a small town called Lacock (yes pronounced Laycock...hmmm) This town is so cute. No one can buy a house in this town unless you marry into it basically. There is no satellite dishes allowed and it's kept very traditional. We got to walk around it. Crystal decided to take all of us (Susanne, Sarah, me and Todd) on an adventure.

First up Crystal got stung by some nettle (a spiky leafed plant that actually stings you and gives you bumps if you touch it) then we got talked to by a sheep, saw half a frog, saw a cat with a human creepy. Then Crystal decide to take us down a path in the woods...can you say NOT A GOOD IDEA! It was creepy but we all survived and made it back into town in time to catch the bus.

We saw a sign infront of one of the stores that said: "Everytime you touch a flower you disturb a star" Interesting...don't touch flowers people!

We stopped in Cherchill to see the Cherchill horse which is a giant white horse in the grass on the side of a hill.

Our last stop was Avebury..more standing stones. By this time I'de seen enough of those! However there was a pub there that had a well in it that is now used as a table and at one time this well was the resting place of one lady who was tragically murdered when pushed into the well.

Once back in London we said our goodbyes to everyone. Matt (an aussie who is living in London) helped us with figuring out the tube to get to our hostel. We were staying at one near the London bridge this time.

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