We'll be here for 1 week

the entrance gate


the campground office

our setup

our setup

campground owners house/cabin

on the property

seen better days

Tim & Donna's setup

In the morning, we grabbed breakfast sandwiches from Sonic, waited till traffic settled down and departed. Knowing our drive today would only be about 85 miles, we’re not in a hurry. On this day we’re meeting Rebecca’s brother Tim and his wife Donna, for a total of 2 weeks of sight seeing, fun and enjoyment together. We’ll be at Boulder for 1 week, then move to Thayne for 1 week, together. Somewhere along the way up highway 191 we called Tim & Donna on their cell, we find out their only 4 miles ahead of us. They’ve come from a different direction and entered onto hwy 191 ahead of us. A happy reunion complete with hugs and smooches when we met a few minutes later at the campground office.

We have a series of storms coming our way, yesterday was the first day of them with high winds and some rain. We're on the lookout for Bison but haven't seen any, yet. Lots of antelope, though.

This campground is nice, though rustic in a western ranch sort of way. It is situated on a bluff overlooking a river valley below us. The park is about 3/4 taken up with oil field workers, but we have a good space close to Tim & Donna. The park is 1 mile north Boulder on hwy 191 and 10 miles south of Pinedale. Pinedale being the larger of the two offers many things to see and do. Not the least of which is the "Museum of the Mountain Man", "Pitchfork Fondue" and of course, "fishing". We hope we can try out our new, hand crafted, custom bamboo fly rods Dave recently finished making for us. They are truly beautiful works of craftsmanship. Flyfishing in this area is notorious. A "must-do" for flyfishers. We sure hope the weather holds out for us.

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