Des Plaines Bridge in Illinois...

The Des Plaines River...

The Fair Grounds in Pontiac, Illinois..

The 4-H Campground in Pontiac..


Last one..our site in Pontiac, Illinois..

We had a LONG travel day today. We got about 50 miles down the road and heard a loud noise. It sounded like a wheel bearing or something wrong with a tire. We pulled over at a truck stop and had them check the tires, they could not find anything wrong.

After several calls to Good Sam for service advice and three companies not knowing what the problem was, we finally found a man who knew. The air bag level rod had moved out of place and needed to be put back in the proper pocket. He fixed it in two minutes once we found the right guy. Finding the right guy took about two hours. :-) The good news, he fixed it for no charge.

What a nightmare of a travel day. We had planned to drive about 250 miles today, but we only made about 175. We are parked in a pull through site in the 4-H Campground in Pontiac, Illinois, all set up for the night. We are hoping for a much better travel day tomorrow. Check back later for more from somewhere in Illinois.

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