top leaf of top set is flatened

see the bushings, many are worn to the metal, more flatened spring...

a support has a broken weld, so this is pic of new...

better pic of new weld

After the mess with the house was done, we moved to Rivers Edge RV Park for two nights so work could be done on the coach. We needed an alignment but as it turned out it was much worse, we needed new parts involving nearly a new undercarriage. We had to take the coach to the shop of Washoe Metal Fabricators. They evaluated what needed to be done, ordered the parts then put everything back together again... We've had them do work in the past on other projects and it always came out right, so we trust them.

They told us that the leaf springs were pretty much done in, the bushings of nearly all the hangars were worn badly, new bearings too. Most important was a broken weld on the support structure of the Trail Air suspension. So apparently things wear out when you have such a large and heavy coach.

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