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We have been doing some visiting with family and friends. Brandenburg is a good place to live. With the river and parks and trails. But we would rather be on the road. We really enjoy living somewhere different all the time.

We have been to Louisville a couple of times and finally got to walk the Big Four Bridge which crosses from Kentucky to Indiana it wasn't as exciting as I thought it might be. Another time we had a picnic with Cody (grandson),Amber(his girlfriend) and Tammy and Cassidy at Riverview Park in Louisville. Also with a 20 piece bucket and 5 sides of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It dosn't get any better than that. War Room was a good movie with Larry and Connie. We always have a great time with Sam and Melonie.

We got our cream puff repaired (Ford Explorer) the engine light has been on for 4 years it did't effect anything all the vitals were good and it got the same gas milleage as before it came on so it didn't matter except the little engine light was on. We just put over 3000 miles on it going to Flordia and crusing. I probably wouldn't have got it fixed now but we had another problem. You could not switch from AC to heat without the little flapper door banging it was loud. I made the mistake of switching to heat when we picked it up one cool morning in May. I thought we were going to use it all summer with the heat on but I kept messing with it tell I got the air on. We never adjusted it again. It's only been like that a couple of years.

In my defense we normally only use the car for 3 months a year for the 4 past years.

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