Star Valley Ranch check in here

check in at the office

oh and they have a golf course

executive 18 holes, very nice.

downtown there are nice little bences to sit on...

and this Elhorn bridge...

a close up of the center of the bridge.

to prove we were there.

all about it.

All we can say for this drive is W O W ! ! ! About 115 miles on (hwy 191 to 89) of shear beauty and joy to watch out the windows to see it all go by. We didn't even mind the little inconvenience of a short delay due to construction on one stretch of the highway.

The Star Valley Ranch is a very nice place, sure glad we choose this on the advice of friends, Bob & Ida. This place owns its own golf course. The Grand Teton park is only about 70 miles away, one of the main purposes for us being here. We are still astounded by the beauty of the area with snow topped mountains and lush green valleys and rivers that seem to run deep and wild. This area is the merge of three main rivers, Snake, Greys and Salt. All of them dumping into the Palisades Reservoir. We can't wait to get out and see some sights, maybe fish, and golf. It drizzled cold rain on us and snowed on the mountains behinds us the first two days.

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