Welcome to TTN Lake Minden

the entrance

if you don't have your own boat, rent one.

it's a big wonderful lake

we saw many fish rise to the surface on this walk.

WOW! it looks disastrous, the RV's weren't touched, it's next door at...

the length of the lake

it has more than fish, we also saw many birds

RC motor racing, RC flying is nearby too

on a walk.

street names in the park

we like the street names

a view down our street

our setup

our setup...

The drive from Mound House to Nicolaus is always easy. Not so this time, 3 things made Dave sweat alittle; first, there was numerous construction single lanes on I-80 this time; second, we took a "short cut" Dave wanted to take long ago, he won't be doing that again; third, Dave didn't listen to "Jilly" (our GPS's name) and insisted she was wrong, WRONG Dave! The many construction areas slowed us down to 40 mph for many miles and gave us white knuckles for the narrow lanes at times. We usually take that kind of thing in stride but mile after mile is abit much. Dave learned to NOT take CA-193 route from I-80 to Lincoln. It's not a main truck route and is narrow, tree lined, curvy and filled with hurried traffic not patient for large 5th wheels. Then when we got to the bottom of the mountain in Lincoln, Jilly say's turn left at the light, Dave's say's she's trying to take us through houses again. He goes straight. Soon Rebecca protests, dave sticks to his decision. Soon Dave is hoping to get out of a mess, as he is now lead by Jilly down very slow dusty farm roads so as to get his behind out of a jam. Finally, a few extra miles out of the way they end up at the RV park, very dusty. Good thing for Dave, all three (Rebecca, Bambi, Jilly) of his girls love him.

We like this park, it has a big lake of about 40 acres or so, nice big open RV sites. There is alot to do here also, the activity director is very busy making sure there's alot going on for us. It's not from Sacramento, Yuba City and other sites to enjoy if one wanted to go sight seeing. Last time we're here they had hydro-plane boat races. Oh yea, on our way to the park we got a call from friends we met at Little Diamond last August who stated that they just saw on this BLOG, we're coming to Lake Minden and that they are there. We love it when that happens. So after we setup we went to see the Thomas', after all we parked in a site just down the street from them. We also knew, our friends the Steele's have been here for some time and we wanted to see them also.

We don't believe in "accidents" only purposes in our lives. That is, things happen for a purpose. We're sure glad to reconnect with these friends.

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