Fossil Butte National Monument off the beaten track

Dave finds uncatchable fish, but discovers fossils older than himself.

Rebecca's admires the fossils

from the ancient lake

she is grinding on rock uncovering fossils

see ? ? ?

all these fish died at the same time....

fly fish bait....

original J.C. Penney store in Kemmerer, WY

his first store was called Golden Rule, before he developed JCP...

James Cash Penney, died 1971

inside the original store, note stamped ceiling tile

the Penney home.

original furnishings and china.

Kemmerer city honors the fossils with big 18"X24" in brass plates on...


We thought this joke was funny enough to take a picture. All...

We ate at the Busy B Cafe, you should too.

Here are again, made a full circle of western Wyoming...

We departed the Star Valley Ranch RV after a quick breakfast across the street at the golf course, the restaurant is called, "The Goofy Bear". Better than Denny's at half the price (Dave hates to admit that but it's true). Rebecca started out driving and stayed with it for the first 120 miles til we reached the Fossil Butte National Monument on Hwy 30. We recommend this as a stop for anyone interested in palentology. Dave was just amazed at the simplicity of the displays and the wealth of information. He was so flabbergasted that he found something older than himself! ! ! Dave searched long and hard for the fossil bugs he'd have to use to catch these fossil fish! Found them...

Dave took over driving, not too far down the road we stumbled upon the little coal mining town of Kemmerer. Quiant and old at the same time is hard to acheive, they do. Kemmerer is famous in the anuls of retail business history. It is home to the first or mother store of J. C. Penney Co. It's still there, you can shop it or just tour it like we did. Also, just down the street is the Penney home, you can tour it too! Our tour guide was Judy, a delightful lady whose grandparents had dealings with Mr. Penney. We ate lunch at the Busy B cafe, good food.

After 218 miles and two wonderful stops we pulled into the WalMart parking lot and the same space we had alittle more than 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow off to Casper, WY.

UPDATED ITINERARY, we thought we'd slow down this year? Uh huh, that'll be the day.

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