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Roadrunner, scooted across the desert. Cute, huh?

Called the 3 Sisters (the little one on the right was excommunicated)...

Weapons? None, Check. No Mexican prison for us.

Gen Pershing and Pancho Villa

Another view

The girls in the Eye Doctor's office

Get new glasses here!

Lovely clouds in the twilight

The Pink Building. Can't miss it.

Made of metal, over 6 feet tall

Love this doorway

Looking inside the restaurant (holding a Margarita in the other hand)

Neat design to the backs of the chairs in the restaurant

Gilas on the wall for purchase

I love this set

The ladies restroom. Cool, huh?

I liked the rocking chair.

Playing the accordian

Looking down main street

Another cool door

Vendors on both sides of the street by the border

U.S. Border

From the door of our trailer.

We drove to Palomas, Mexico today and met Liane and Dick in the parking lot on the U.S. side of the city. We were going to get new glasses as we have heard nothing but praise for Dr. Miquel Garcia.

We walked across the border and the first thing you see is a gigantic bubblegum pink building. Appropriately called, The Pink Building. It is a combination restaurant, art and anything else you can think of, store.

We went to the Dr.'s office first. Very nice, very clean, just like walking into a Lenscrafters. The Dr. took me in to examine my eyes and during the examination he asked if I had been to the hospital in recent years. I said yes. He asked if it had to do with my blood. I told him, yes, I had blood clots in my kidney. He nodded, looked at my eyes again and said I would be okay. Wow. That was strange. I have never had an eye doctor tell me of any other problem I may be having. With John he asked him if he had RK and John said yes, and he told him Laser surgery could remove the scars on his eyes to help him see better. John was in shock because no other eye doctor had mentioned his RK before. Gracious, who needs a GP, just see Dr. Garcia. I was very impressed. He told us the glasses would take 2 hours, so we went off for lunch to the Pink Building.

The minute we walked in our eyes were overloaded with the colors and amount of things they had for sale. They had beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry right as you walked in, and lots of Tequila, Kahlua and real vanilla extract. We were asked if we wanted a Margarita (my kind of store) and looked around the store a little while we sipped that wonderful drink. We finally decided to have lunch, so into the restaurant we went. The food was delish, the salsa and chips were excellent and we had a great time getting to know our new friends.

After lunch we wandered the store and then off to the eye doctor's office. We had also brought in broken glasses sent to us from our friends Lee Ann & Larry and also picked up new glasses for them. Boy, picking out frames for someone else is a scary thing. But, we felt we made good choices. Our glasses? Love them! I got progressive frames so I wouldn't have to take my glasses off and on when we were outside and I love them. John says it's the best glasses he has ever had and sees better than he has before. For the two eye exams, frames and new lens it was $295.00 We thought that was an excellent price.

Standing in front of the building is a large bronze statue of General"Black Jack" Pershing and Pancho Villa.

Here is a little bit of information:

"On 9 March 1916, General Villa ordered nearly 100 Mexican members of his revolutionary group to make a cross-border attack against Columbus, New Mexico. ( U.S. border town at Palomas). While some believed the raid was conducted because of the U.S. government's official recognition of the Carranza regime and for the loss of lives in battle due to defective bullets purchased from the United States, it was accepted from a military standpoint that Villa carried out the raid because he needed more military equipment and supplies in order to continue his fight against Carranza. They attacked a detachment of the 13th Cavalry Regiment (United States), burned the town, and seized 100 horses and mules and other military supplies. 18 Americans and about 80 Villistas were killed. There are other attacks in US territory that have been said to be done by Villa, however, none of these attacks were ever confirmed to be performed by Villistas. These unconfirmed attacks are: 1) On 15 May, it is claimed that they attacked Glenn Springs, Texas, killing a civilian and wounding three American soldiers; 2) on 15 June, bandits killed four soldiers at San Ygnacio, Texas; 3) on 31 July, one American soldier and a U.S. customs inspector were killed.

In response to Villa's raid on Columbus, President Wilson sent 5,000 men of the U.S. Army under General John Pershing into Mexico to capture Villa. Employing aircraft and trucks for the first time in US Army history, Pershing's force chased Villa until February 1917, The search for Villa was unsuccessful. However, some of Villa's senior commanders (Colonel Candelario Cervantes, General Francisco Beltrán, Beltrán's son and Villa's second-in-command Julio Cárdenas) and a total of 190 of his men were killed during the expedition."

For more information about Pancho Villa go to Wikipedia and search Pancho Villa.

After our glasses were done we stopped at a couple pharmacies to pick up some drugs for Liane's daughter (Cymbalta) which is amazingly cheaper here than in the U.S.

We walked back across the border and decided to come back for lunch again sometime, as it is only about a 40 minute drive from the campground.

We had a great day and it is wonderful to see again!! Ta Da!!

Thought for the day: "Never judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. By that time, they’ll be a mile away and barefoot."

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