Merry Widow Mine and RV campground

nice little site

down river produced many more fish than upriver

up river was tough fishin

Dave catchin

Dave still catchin

our site

can't get enough

Montana is heavily affected by the Pine Bark Beetle

this what most of the western states forests will look like in...

We camped here over three years ago when we stopped for an over-nighter. Through the rain and cold we could tell this was a special little river and we had to come back. We are glad we did, the fly fishing was terrific. The area is beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Dave made those bamboo fly rods a couple months ago just for this stop. We weren't disappointed with their performance. Both of us got a workout catching the brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout in this river. We ended up keeping 6 total for dinners but safely released back to the river many many more than that.

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