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Healy/Denali to Willow/Talkeetna

Heading south along the Chulitna river

Saying So-Long to Denali Village

Crossing the Chulitna River many times


We have a leak in our radiator

Everyone getting into the act

Got the leak pinched off, filled radiator with water



Yes, still the Chilitna River


Patriotic Alaskans



South Denali viewpoint. Denali is shrouded in smoke.


I love interesting geology.

Plenty of Birth forests along the highway.

Interesting little fountain in our campground

Stopping to visit the Morgans in a Talkeetna bar

Their laughter is infectious

This local woman has her photo on the wall of the bar

She raised a Moose calf to adulthood.

Today’s journey was southbound to just north of Willow and just past the Talkeetna Cut-Off. It was 2.75 hour’s drive, going 154.5 miles.

We left at 9:30 but spent 1 hour at a roadside pull off about 3 miles down from camp fixing our radiator leak with the help of Ron, Keith and Peter. One of the coils was leaking fluid and our engine was getting hot. Ron was able to crimp it to stop the leak and we added about 6 gallons of water and we saw the leak had halted. It is great to have all these handy men along on this journey with us.

Our drive today was along the Chulitna River that runs between some gorgeous mountains, along the Alaska Range. We crossed Chulitna River over and over as it wound its way through the valley. We passed the southern end of Denali National Park and tried to see Denali from the southern viewpoint. Only the very top was slightly visible above the smoke from the wildfires.

We stopped along the road side for a lunch break and enjoy the scenery. Back on the road again Larry spotted a black bear ahead and I was grabbing my camera when he decided to sprint across the road in front of us. Thank the Lord we did not hit him. it was so close, and so startling.

After settling into our camp, we went into Talkeetna to book the Jet Boat Wilderness Tour with our “buy one get one free” coupon for the next day. While in town we reconnected with our Aussie mates, Peter & Chris Morgan who were camped in the Talkeetna City campground. We went to the local pub for a cool one. Not at all cool inside, no A/C, but at least the beers were cold. We met an elderly couple having dinner at the next table as Peter struck up a conversation with the old woman (he’s such flirt). She immediately took a liking to us and directed us over to a photo of herself with "her Moose" on the wall of the bar. A Mama Moose had abandoned one of her two calves on the woman's property and she ended up raising it to adulthood.

Back at camp we had weak 50 amp electric and the weather was getting hotter and taxing the A/C units, so we sat in the shade outside relaxing, reading and socializing. The skies were also getting very smoky from the distant wildfires.

During our several walks around camp, Daisy met a couple dogs and some small children, so she had plenty of social time.

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