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Carpe Diem bakes at Thousand Trails Verde Valley

Carpes at Verde Valley Thousand Trails
We moved because the power on #1...

Twin Arrows Arizona

At Flagstaff we exchange I 40 west for I 17 south

I 17 bridge outage detours all traffic off the freeway

I 17 descends about 4,000 feet

Exiting I 17 to AZ 260

AZ 260 is torn up from I 17 to Cottonwood

Installing new roundabouts on AZ 260

We arrive at Thousand Trails Verde Valley

Sun, 16 Sep: Another road day, albeit short-ish...

With another time change we were up early this morning. We got ourselves ready for the day, fed, the coach ready for the road, and rolled wheels at 0820. We were only a few hundred meters from the on-ramp to I 40 so in short order we were on cruise control rolling westward toward Flagstaff.

The truck traffic was fairly heavy for a Sunday morning. But they all flowed around us without a hitch and all was well. Near Crater National Monument we switched drivers and Bob continued west on I 40 to Flagstaff where we transitioned to I 17 south toward Phoenix. I 17 is in pretty bad condition and it was really bumpy. At one point a bridge repair forced all traffic off the interstate to local roads and back on. Thankfully, traffic was light enough that there was no backup.

Bob negotiated the eighteen mile steep downgrade with few problems. The engine brake did an admirable job of keeping our speed under control and we never had to touch our service brakes the entire descent. The interstate takes us from Flagstaff at 7,000' elevation to the Verde Valley at 3,200' elevation. That's a whole lotta "down"!

We exited I 17 on Arizona 260 and took it west toward Cottonwood. To our dismay we learned that the highway is undergoing major renovation that includes the installation of numerous traffic roundabouts. The remainder of the road is restricted to a single lane in each direction with a 35 mph speed limit. In short, the seven miles from the interstate to our destination was a mess!

We arrived at the Thousand Trails Verde Valley ranger station at 1127 and got checked in without any delay. After a bit of scouting we found a site in the "B" section and got set up. The temperature was in the low nineties and we plugged into the 30 amp service and started the air conditioners. As this is written several hours later it is now just shy of 100°F and we're chillin' out here.

Today's drive was a short-ish 161 miles with a fuel economy of 8⅞ mpg.

We'll stay here for almost two weeks while we explore the Cottonwood/Prescott areas. Do stay tuned...

Sun, 23 Sep: We've been, somewhat, busy...

We took a few trips into Prescott to "check 'er out". Alas, we weren't very impressed. It is quite a bit more expensive than central Texas, with taxes on rent, 9.5% sales tax, and a state income tax. We think this will scratch Arizona from our list.

We did get some shopping done at Costco. Alas, the Prescott Sams Club was among the store closing casualties. We did laundry in Cottonwood as the laundry room at the Thousand Trails park is closed indefinitely. Cottonwood now has a Black Bear Diner. Alas, the service was very poor... Our server left for the day at half past noon!

Friday nite the power went out. Not only our site but the one adjacent. We called security and they called maintenance. The "guy" showed up, fiddled with the main breaker and it came back on. Around midnite it went out again. It was cool enough that we could sleep, but it'll be hot again once the sun comes up.

We called security in the morning and the guy they sent out blamed our coach for burning up the circuit. We weren't running any a/c or other high loads when it went out. We found a nearby vacant site and relocated. No further problems...

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