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The ice storm and snow hit south of us in San Antonio. But the bitter cold and wind here have been miserable. We stayed inside the rig all day, except to take Mo out. We had to keep the shades closed to keep the drafts out, so it felt a bit like living in a cave. With the exception of yesterday afternoon, we’ve had the furnace running non-stop since we left Denver - it was running even while we drove down here. The propane tank is getting low, so we signed up for the mobile truck to come and fill us up tomorrow morning. I sort of finished the colored pencil roses today. I skipped the final step, which was to color in the background in black. I am so sick of working on the piece for the last 2 months that I decided to leave it without the background (I can always do it later). I will probably do a watercolor tutorial next. I got some great new detailing brushes from the brother for Christmas, and I want to play with them. We finally ventured out for bingo tonight, and it was worth the cold walk to the games building. Bill and I each won jackpots! There were only 23 folks brave enough to come out and play, so the pots weren’t large, but then, it’s not really about the pot. The campground is cooking breakfast for the Winter Texans tomorrow morning, and we want to show support for the new management here so we plan on going to it. Tomorrow will be just a bit warmer, and we should be in the 60’s by Friday. I can’t wait!

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