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Uh Oh

To the rescue

After a great stay in Tennessee we continued south to Georgia. First stop was Alatoona

Landing, a campground we had stayed in before near a Civil War battlefield. It was also just outside of Woodstock where my oldest son lives. Two birds with one stone. Fortunately they did have room for us, so we signed up for 2 nights.

Getting here was a little more interesting than usual. We kind of took the scenic route by making a wrong turn just out of the campground. Then had to wind around a bit to get back on track, not always an easy proposition when pulling a 35-ft 5th wheel. Then, after a long day of driving and with just 2 more turns to get into the campground, we were stopped by a line of traffic waiting to cross the railroad tracks. Initially we tbought a train was coming, but soon discovered that a semi truck was jackknifed across the road. Luckily for him it was not across the tracks. It did not take long for all the vehicles who could to turn around to go back the other way, not something we had the option of doing. We were left with another young man who was also pulling a trailer. So, not one to pass up a photo op, we got out and walked up to get a closer look. And he was most definitely in a pickle with the back bumper stuck in the dirt on one side of the road and the cab turned at a 90 degree angle and mired in the loose rock next to the track on the otber side of the road. He tried everything but eventually had to give up and just wait for the wrecker. By that time tbere was a line of traffic backed up behind us again, so the wrecker, who drove up the wrong side of the road, had to back down the hill to turn around then back up the hill to pull the truck out. A very costly venture!

After about 45 minutes or so we were finally able to go on into the campground to get set up for the night.

The next day I dro e to Woodstock to visit Chris. I was able to see him briefly, but not see any of the family, so drove back to walk the battlefield with Don.

Distance: 160 miles plus approximately 20 more for our wrong turn

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