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Me and a very small kangaroo (makes me look big and mighty,...

Someone give me a prize for this photo, please..

Roo's fighting


The others have moved away.. Big fight with hand and feet and...

Jump ! Ha haaa! I got you!!!

Trip trap trasko, ho ho

Up close and personal

River reflexions...

Beautiful vista

Dense rainforest

Kakadoo Parrots!!!

Magnificent views, note the blue fog

The guide holding a lizard

Waterfall (NSW is in draught..)

Magnificent views

Worlds steepest railway!

Magnificent views, note the blue fog

Weird rocks

Me in front of the "Three Sisters" rock formation

Nice blue flower

This is for you mom, a cat defence shop... WOW!

Cool wall painting of the local wildlife

Hi again!

After Sydney I took a short trip to the Blue Mountains National Park and World Heritage Area. A very beautiful spot the size of Belgium. I know it sounds like I'm smoking something illegal, but thing are different sizes here... For instance, it's no big deal to drive 6-8 hours for an overnight or weekend trip. That's normal!! It's completely whacked up!

Blue Mountains is really blue, especially at dawn, and is made up by a whole lot of Eucalyptus and other trees, and snakes and killer spiders... Yak. The leaf of the eucalyptus tree is very oily and that oil evaporates in the heat and turns the air blue. Very spectacular.

Something really really cool about the Blue Mountains is all the kangaroos that hang out there. We saw a huge number of them just like that, very cool experience. We even saw them boxing!

At night I got dropped off at the local hostel and spent the whole next day hiking and enjoying the natural scenery (and trying to spot the snakes before the spotted me!).

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