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Sister Nancy at Albuquerque Airport

Sisters Nancy & Sandi

Albuquerque Botanical Garden

Albuquerque Botanical Garden

Nancy & Shel at Albuquerque Botanical Garden

Shel at Albuquerque Balloon Museum

Five Star Sopapillas al Albulita's in Bernalilla

Mon, 30 Oct: An unexpected FUN trip...

We're in Albuquerque today, and 24 hours ago we had no idea we'd be making this trip. Most of the time unexpected trips are due to health or other issues. Thankfully, this one is for a happy reason.

Last evening Sandi was on the phone with her Sister Nancy who mentioned that she and her husband Shel were flying to Albuquerque. Nancy to attend a conference and Shel tagging along because he's retired and CAN!

After hanging up we discussed it and made a spur-of-the-moment decision to drive the car to Albuquerque and visit. So, first thing this morning we threw some stuff in a bag, closed up the coach, and headed to Albuquerque. We left a bit before nine and 430 miles later we were at a casino about thirty miles west of Albuquerque.

Tuesday morning we drove the rest of the way to Bernalillo where the Hyatt was located. We got checked in and headed to the airport to meet their flite from Newark (via Denver), due to arrive about half past noon. The flite was early, we were waiting just outside the security area. Yes, Nancy was surprised (see pix)!!!

We spent the rest of Tuesday having fun with Nancy & Shel. First stop after the airport was Taco Cabaña, one of our favorite Mexican chains. Then off to the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens, which were resplendent in their fall beauty. Then to the hotel where Nancy & Shel checked in. Alas, Nancy's work began immediately so we had dinner with Shel at a nearby pizza place.

Wednesday we played tourist with Shel. First off was a drive to Los Alamos, home of the Manhattan Project. We visited the Los Alamos Museum. Then back to Albuquerque for a visit to the National Atomic Museum. Both are excellent.

Thursday we visited the Albuquerque Balloon Museum and then we drove south to Belèn for lunch at Pete's, a five star Mexican Restaurant. Following that we visited the Harvey House Museum.

Dinner was at Abuelita's Mexican Restaurant in Bernalillo. Their sopapillas were fantastic. We give them ★★★★★s and we'll definitely return next time we're in town.

Tomorrow we'll head back to Casa Grande.

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