Following Hurricane Matthew - Winter 2017 travel blog

With somewhat sad hearts we headed out of The Great Outdoors for the long trip home. We really enjoyed our stay here both in terms of the people we met, the things there are to do in the area as well as TGO, and the weather. We'll be back, but current plans have us heading west again next winter. But those plans are carved in jello.

Last night the road we planned to take west toward Orlando was closed due to wildfires. It is hard to reconcile all the wild fire concerns we hear in the news with the green foliage and water, water, everywhere. Our hearts sank when we saw a huge brown cloud again in the sky this morning. It was reported as a cane fire, still burning energetically, but not as close to our route. Otherwise the drive was uneventful, just the way we like it.

There are a kazillion low priced campground south of Atlanta, but hardly any north of this major obstacle in our drive. We had a short driving today and will hit Atlanta tomorrow as soon as rush hour is over - fingers crossed - but will have a considerably longer drive tomorrow. Do it now or do it later. The distance is the distance.

The leaves on the trees are beginning to disappear. A cold front had us wearing long pants in Florida yesterday and even with the bright sunshine a jacket feels good here today. By the time we get home will we be wearing parkas once again?

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