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Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells

So much corn!! But the crops are so beautiful and healthy!!

River fun at Indian Trail RV Resort and Campground, Pardeeville WI

Lots of shade for campers at this lovely resort

Boating lake

One downside of such a popular spot, look how close together everyone...

Pardeeville !!! You gotta love the name!! But it was no party getting there! To be honest I am doing an emergency catch up on my blog!! It has been 6 days since I have had a chance to catch up!!! We have been so busy!!!! I hope I can remember everything!!

So we left Tomah after a pleasant night in our KOA Kozy Kabin in Oakdale. Nice place and we were very comfortable!! We pretty much stuck to highway 12 today and for the most part were really lucky as it was a nice smooth surface and we thought ourselves pretty clever to choose this road because it followed the railroad line and was relatively level!

Someone asked me if we were going to pass thru Wisconsin Dells, to which I replied, "Why would we want to do that?? It is summer, it would be so busy and congested, that would certainly be madness!!" So that is exactly what we did! On a Saturday afternoon, a perfect summer day we rode our bicycles straight into the heart of downtown Wisconsin Dells, straight into the madness of a gazillion water park crazy families in cars and on foot all thinking about and watching everything else other than two silly people on a bicycle!!! How did we manage to do that??? And it was so very, very hot!! What a blunder that was!!!!

We hopped off our bikes, got off the main road and found a lonely little empty picnic table WITH AN UMBRELLA!! To find a picnic table was a miracle in itself as I was sure there was not a square inch of public area, everything seemed to be consumed by water parks and tourist attractions! But there is was calling to us and it offered the relief we needed from the hot sun by providing an umbrella as well! Made ourselves some lunch from our stash of emergency rations and had a very nice rest. Refreshed and refueled we found our way thru town on the back streets until we got back to the main road of Hwy 12.

The road was so awful, so broken up and cracked, so narrow and so full of whizzing traffic we bailed off at the first country road we came to! We were willing to take our chances on where it might take us, anything had to be better than the one we were on!!!!

We did have the reliable assistance of Google Maps and we could see this lovely, quiet road beckoning us did in fact parallel the road we should have been on and we did not hesitate to roll onto the alternative! It was wonderful for a very long time and then I do believe we had found Wisconsin's worst road EVER!! The road slowly deteriorated until it was so cracked and broken and bumpy and horrible I thought I would scream! It must be something similar to the effect Chinese Water Torture would have! Repetitive and relentless bouncing and bumping! There was no where to move to get away from the continual ba-bump ba-bump as each tire hit the cracks and folds!! This went on for several miles and even managed to get worse before we reached the town of Portage! But we got there! Hot and sweaty and ready for the day to end we started the search for a place to set up camp.

But there really wasn't anything! There were some RV Resorts; they turned out to be about 10-15 miles out of town!! The hotels, there were a mere 2 to choose from; Were booked!!! There was a third one at the rate $125 a night! Keep in mind we were in Portage WI not downtown Chicago!! What was going on??? We had no choice but to ride further. On days like this you just do what you gotta do. So back on the bikes, back on the road we pedaled on the shortest route to take us to our destination which of course meant we had to compete with the local traffic. We finally turned off for the last and longest mile and the peace and quiet surrounded us immediately, the stress of the day quickly forgotten and solitude returned. Amazing how quickly that happens!! A bit further and we were at Indian Trails RV Resort and Campground.

If my kids were young again, I would beat a path to a place like this every year!! What an awesome family holiday spot!! There was everything you could possibly think of for the children and young at heart to entertain themselves with! A lake, a river with beautifully safe water and boundaries complimented by a sandy beach. Lawn chairs by the hundreds to be comfy while you watched over your kids! Kids on bicycles, bicycles for rent, kayaks, canoes and every floating device you can imagine! Indoor pool, games, golf, food! It was such fun!! It was just as much fun to watch everyone have fun!! We had a wonderful evening, great people and conversation, and here it is again . . . You can have a really tough day and it ends well just when you least expect it!!

I love this journey we are taking, it just teaches us so much about life!!!

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