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Carpe Diem at the Winnebago Visitor's Center

Wisconsin 80 is a lovely drive

Picking up the "super slab" at WI 80

I 90 in western Wisconsin

Crossing the Mississippi
That's Lock & Dam #7

At Albert Lea we transition from I 90 west to I 35...

South of Albert Lea we entered Iowa

Exiting I 35 for Forest City
Yes, there is a town named "Manly"

Entering Forest City

Carpes at Winnebago Rally Grounds with golf cart

Rally Grounds before rally parking

Parkers meeting

Rally Grounds after parking

Winnebago's 2016 Grand National Rally
Carpe is in the lower center

Sat, 02 Jul: Another road day...

We had a restful nite at the truck stop in Coloma Wisconsin. Despite parking at the extreme far corner of the huge lot we ended up with an 18-wheeler parked nearby with its engine running and blocking us in. Sandi, ever the lite sleeper, had ear plugs in so she didn't hear a thing. Luckily, despite us rising early, the truck left before we'd have to disconnect the car in order to back out of our spot.

After going thru our check lists Bob rolled wheels at 0726. We continued west on WI 21 about thirty miles to WI 80, which we took south some twenty miles to I 90. We got on the "super slab" heading west toward La Crosse and Minnesota.

There was extensive construction on I 90 thru La Crosse so there were no signs indicating the Mississippi River, but we hozzah-ed and hooted nevertheless. We love being west of that river...

We swapped drivers in Minnesota and Sandi took the helm for the balance of the trip. We continued west on I 90 to Albert Lea, where we picked up I 35 and headed south toward Iowa. Seventeen miles down the road we crossed into Iowa and another twenty some to IA 9 which we took west toward Forest City.

We arrived at the Winnebago Visitor's Center parking area at 1230 and found a nice 50 ampere site. We disconnected the car and left it in the site while we took the coach to the Forest City courtesy dump/water site. After dumping and filling appropriate tanks we returned to the Visitor's Center and parked the coach.

Today's drive was 264 miles with a fuel economy of 8.55 mpg.

We'll be in Forest City most of the month preparing for and attending the Winnebago Grand National Rally (GNR). While here we're taking the coach into the paint facility to have the front film removed and (hopefully) the front restored to an acceptable appearance. We shall see...

Sat, 23 Jul: A busy, busy time...

The rally is now finished and we've been busy retirees. As a rule we try to be busy doing "our thing" rather than being obligated. But we volunteered to be part of the parking crew prior to the rally, and once the rally started we doled out coffee every morning. Busy...

Highlights of our time here include:

* Getting the paint shop to remove the protective film from the front of the coach and touch up the clear coat. Carpe looks much nicer now.

* Visiting with many good friends and enjoying good Northern Iowa food.

We'll leave on Monday.

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