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Hells Canyon Road Closed

Another beautiful day to admire the Elkhorn Mountains

Interesting scenery of the canyons, actually stopped for birds and caterpill

Mike kept seeing these cross the road so we had to look....

Cliff swallows were all over the place!

This morning we drove towards Hells Canyon, following a scenic route. This borders Idaho where the Snake River has carved out a beautiful canyon. Unfortunately when we got to the turn on Route 39, there was a gate across it saying “closed”. Some Oregon DOT workers were there and told us there was still too much snow in the higher elevations for the road to be open. The only way now to get to our next destination of Wallowa Lake is to drive back through Baker City, and then head northeast. So we did. It was a another beautiful day for a drive so it did not matter.

Mike kept seeing some little something cross the road so we had to stop and look. It was the weirdest and hairiest looking caterpillar I had ever seen. Looked like a crawling hairball to me! Also did see a colony of cliff swallows that were all over the place. Fun to watch. Made it back to Baker City and continued North and West towards Wallowa Lake.

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