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Carpe Diem at Three Flags RV

Interstate 90 in Wyoming

We have three truck lanes to choose from...
...and we picked the one...

Sure is buggy out here, and Carpe has a really big windshield

Welcome to South Dakota

Tue, 30 June: Things finally chill a bit...

Yes, things are beginning to chill for us. After a much more restful nite where the temps cooled into the sixties we awoke to a nice cool fridge. It was well within the safe zone of our fridge thermometer and started making ice again. Perhaps Leon was right, it was an anomaly.

Since we slept with the windows open we were up with the sun, which means about 0430 in these parts. Even without rushing we were rolling wheels a few minutes after seven. We decided to continue east along I 90 to Rapid City, where we could ensure that the fridge is working and we know there are Norcold (our fridge brand) repair facilities in the area.

We stopped for fuel at the Pilot/Flying J in Gillette Wyoming, and as we pulled into the truck lanes we found three available. That's a change, usually one waits in line for an open lane. We picked the center of the three lanes, only to discover after much ado that the computer on the pump wasn't working and wouldn't take our card. So, back around the station to another pump... Such fun.

After topping of Carpe's tank (and cleaning the bugs off the windshield) back on I 90 east. We broke for lunch at the South Dakota Welcome Center and continued into the Rapid City area. We put up for the nite at Three Flags RV in Black Hawk, a few miles west of Rapid City. We've stayed here before as they honor our Passport America card and give us 50% of their posted rates.

After getting Carpe Diem parked we took Carpe Dinkum into town to pick up our mail from our forwarding service. Then a quick stop at Sam's Club and back to the coach. While the weather was much cooler (high 80s) than recent days, it was wonderful to run the air conditioners and "chill out".

Today's drive was 236 miles with a fuel economy of 8½ mpg.

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