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This morning I took a bus downtown to the Capital Metro Transit Store to get a reduced-fare ID card made (valid for two years) and to buy a $20 stored-value card. With these I can ride the bus for less than half price – 60 cents a trip as opposed to $1.50. It works much like a gift card. Each time I use it, it will show the amount deducted right on the card, which will make it easier for me to keep track of the balance. I’ll use it once in a while when I need to go downtown so I won’t have to search for a parking space at a meter or in a parking building for $8-10.

Today was a good day to take care of this little errand because my car is still in the shop and I didn’t want to miss my Silver Sneakers class. The weather was very mild this morning, so it was pleasant to walk a little.

After I had finished my business at Cap Metro, I headed for Silver Sneakers exercise class. The bus took me to within about three blocks of the gym. I didn’t have time to walk on the treadmill before class but at least I didn’t miss class.

About the time class was over, Christian Brothers called to say that they expected to have my car ready by mid-afternoon. He said that their courtesy driver could pick me up at the gym and either take me to their garage to wait or take me home. Toni O’Dowd had already offered to take me home, so I opted for that. She lives not far from me.

This repair job cost me right at $600. I certainly hope that my vehicles can wait a while – a LONG while – before needing any more repairs. The loud noise I had been hearing was from a loose belt, which they tightened. Their courtesy inspection revealed that there were several other issues. They replaced the rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders and resurfaced the drum. They also did a brake fluid flush that included the front calipers and lines, rear cylinders/calipers and lines and the master cylinder. Last, but not least, they did a four-wheel life-time alignment. Now little Sweet Pea handles much better. They deducted yesterday’s taxi fare from my bill.

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