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This morning after exercise class I weighed my purse, including a small bottle of water, on the gym’s digital scale. It weighed exactly five pounds, which is the limit of how much I’m allowed to lift while my back heals. Of course, I don’t usually carry the water in my purse, so it is actually below the weight limit.

Because I had a 1:00 o’clock dental appointment, I didn’t have enough time to go home for lunch and then get back to the dentist’s office on time, I decided to have lunch at the Bamboo Garden. That’s the first time I have eaten there. The food was pretty good. The restaurant is not far from my dentist’s office.

As usual, I had a good report from Dr. Rausch. I’m so thankful for good teeth. I just wish the rest of my hard body parts were in as good condition as my teeth! I had to use pillows to lie on in the dentist’s exam chair to protect my back.

Later this afternoon Trish Jones came over and brought me some of her delicious homemade soup. She did some little chores involving bending and also washed my microwave oven and swept off my patio. I’m so blessed to have friends like her.

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