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Praise the Lard BBQ in Buford, GA

Cornelia's Big Apple

Another big apple in Cornelia, GA

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Harrison, Hanna and family at Harrah's

Memphis Barbeque Co.

Billy Tripp's Mindfield in Brownville, TN

Studebaker on a pole

Nothing exciting happened on my trip to Cornelia, GA except I got there 5 hours early. When I got to the airport Sunday a week ago, I found out my US Airways flight had “equipment” problems. The Ticket Agent asked if I wanted to take a Delta flight that left at about the same time my US Airways flight was supposed to leave. Instead of getting to Atlanta at 5:30PM, the Delta flight was direct and I got there at about noon. It’s the first time that I’ve had a flight cancellation that got me to my destination 5 hours early. Not bad.

While on my way from Atlanta to Cornelia, I stopped at a place for lunch called Praise the Lard in Buford, GA. It was a barbeque restaurant next to a church. The pulled pork and slaw was very good. Interior decorating was a combination of animal anatomy, diagrams showing the separate cuts of meat from chickens, cows and pigs, and quotes from the Bible. Everything is made from scratch and all of the meat smoked in-house. It was a lucky find and one of the benefits of staying off the Interstate.

Cornelia is the home to one of the world's largest apple sculptures, which is displayed on top of an obelisk shaped monument at the old train depot in downtown. It was built in 1925 of steel and concrete and pays tribute to the apple and apple growers of the county. Cornelia's Big Red Apple weighs 5,200 pounds and is 7 feet high. Cornelia was also the retirement home of Ty Cobb who was born nearby, and was a base of operation for production of the 1956 Disney film The Great Locomotive Chase.

My flight from Atlanta got me back to Memphis about dinner time on Saturday so I decided to try one of the DDD’s in the Memphis area. I went to the Memphis Barbeque Co. and it was awesome. The baby back ribs served dry were delicious. I also had pulled pork and smoked turkey with potato salad and cole slaw. So far I’ve stuck gold with all the DDD’s in the Memphis area.

On Sunday, I met a friend, Harrison, his wife and family, at Harrah’s Casino for dinner at the buffet. They just moved to the area to work at the J&J Distribution Center. It was good to see them again as I hadn’t seen the kids since before I retired.

We pulled out of Harrah’s this morning and I decided to stop at the J&J warehouse for a quick tour before I left Memphis. It’s quite an operation. Pretty much all of J&J medical devices flow through this distribution center on their way from the manufacturing site to their final destination at a hospital somewhere in the US. I had hoped to see another friend from Wilmington, Delbert, but he was traveling this week. Maybe I’ll catch him the next time through the area.

Along our route today we passed Billy Tripp’s Mindfield in Brownsville, TN. It’s a huge steel structure that is reputed to be the largest work of art in Tennessee and one of the top 10 in the US. Billy Tripp is a real person and has lived in Brownsville since 1963. He started to build the Mindfield in 1983. It constructed of salvaged iron and steel including bridge trusses, girders, screw conveyers, and railroad track rails. Amongst the steel work are a basketball hoop, a canoe, a bath tub as well as other things. He also added an abandoned water tower and what looks like a forest fire spotting tower to the collection. I was lucky enough to see Billy in a straw hat working on the ground when I stopped. I’m not even going to try to explain why he built it and what it represents, but there are some memorials to his parents on the water tower and in the steel.

We ended the day in Hurricane Mills, TN at the Buffalo I40 KOA.

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