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At the city park in Marion, SD.

This has been a good partial week.

Sunday and Monday, of course, we were in a full campground watching all the weekenders. The boat launch was very busy with sometimes 2 boats launching and/or coming in with 2 to 4 boats waiting. The trailer lot was full most of the time. The boats ran the gamut of types. We had huge pontoon party boats that could seat 10 or more, expensive, sleek bass boats all sparkly with matching boat trailers to camo row boats with a little outboard motor attached.

And most of them brought in fish. The fish cleaning station had someone there most of the time. I think people had a fun holiday weekend.

Wednesday, we headed for Chamberlain again for Ron to get his staples out. The Dr. was quite pleased with our routine of covering the wounds during the night but letting the air get to them during the day. Most of the staples came out with no problem at all. A couple made Ron wince a bit, but all in all it was a good visit.

Thursday, we packed up and moved to Marion. Packing up went pretty well as we had done some on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ron wanted to drive to the dump station (about a mile) to see how it went. The drive was good and dumping was easy so he decided to drive – at least for a while.

We headed east on SD 34 but ran into a detour before we got to our next road. So we followed the detour down SD45 until we hit I-90 east. It was only about 20 miles or so before we could turn south on US281. So the detour didn't really add any miles to our trip. The GPS went crazy, of course, trying to make us turn around, but I re-programmed it and it finally shut up.

About the time we hit US281, we started looking for someplace to eat. We found a truck stop/cafe in Corsica and stopped for a good meal. I liked that as it meant I didn't have to cook that day.

After we turned east on US44, the wind picked up from the south. There were lots of farms with tree wind breaks on the south side of the road. As we would get behind one, the MH would steer toward the ditch and as we came out it would almost go in the other lane. That is how strong the wind was. I kept asking Ron if I should drive but he said he would be too tense in the passenger seat, so he just kept driving.

We came upon more road construction about 2 miles west of US81. We had to wait quite a while for the pilot car and the flag man (a young man) talked Ron's ear off. I guess he was lonesome out there in nowhere land and didn't get to talk to many people.

We made it into Marion and got parked in our favorite spot. We have electric and water with a restroom near by so we are set for the next 10 days to 2 weeks. We have plans to see a chiropractor next week each morning and to visit with relatives in the afternoon and evenings.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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