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Farewell guys! Thanks for the fun

Pudakul bush tour - bush tucker

Pudakul - spear it pip!


Pudakul- learning bush craft

Pudakul-more bush craft

Pudakul- with graham and deanne - our excellent guides


Monday - leaving Darwin (twice...)

We decided we'd better move on as we had a bit of oz left to travel.

First stop, the Pudakul bush tour just outside of Darwin on the Arnhem Highway. It is owned and run by the local aboriginal clan and offered a really personal and enlightening time. The clan leader, Graham, and one of his daughters took turns in taking us through: a bush food/medicine/tool walk; the making and using of different didgeridoos, clapping sticks and the intriguing 'whacking sticks' - long, thick sticks each wife can use to whack their husband when deemed appropriate :) ; spear making and uses and experience throwing them; and bush weaving materials, techniques and products. All this was finished off with a cuppa and damper under the trees by the billabong. Ahhhhhhh, the serenity. Although, they did explain that a four-and-a-half metre croc lived in the billabong together with a number of smaller ones and that they were probably well aware of our presence! All in all, this was a fantastic tour and the only one we saw which was an affordable price for the family. Highly recommended.

We had planned to go from there straight to the Litchfield area, but I had lost kerri's house keys in my mad rush to get to the tour, so we headed back briefly, found the keys, and set off again.

A couple we had met in mount isa reckoned that Litchfield Pub was great value camping and close to the Territory Wildlife Park, our next destination. As two fairly sensible and educated people, we couldn't find the darn place! We ended up at nearby Tumbling Waters caravan park. Was not so much tumbling water about but a good pool and leafy shade gave us some relief from the oppressive heat. We also had a little fenced-off croc lagoon next to us, freshies though so ok. Who'd ever think I'd be saying that?!

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