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Another day of exploration. The weather looks like it may be fine for us (albeit cold), so after a quick breakfast in the hotel breakfast room (including the obligatory chat with the owner, who passed on some wonderful tips for where to go and see), we rugged up and headed off.

First up was the town of Dinard (, a coastal village on the other side of the Rance Estuary. A charming village with distinctive architecture. As luck would have it, as we parked the car to go walking, the weather turned sour. A bitterly cold wind and rain sparang up forcing us back into the car. All was not lost though. Instead of walking, we just meandered our way through the narrow streets by car. This proved to be a good alternative to walking, as we were able to cover most of the town and surrounding areas in warmth and comfort. The sights were just wonderful - from majestic mansions constructed of stone, to magnificent views across windswept cliffs and beaches. just wonderful.

Second stop was one of the larger towns in the area - Dinan ( proved to be just as interesting as Dinard, although it was much larger. Rain was more consistent now, so we pulled up in the town centre for some lunch. Had a wonderful fish soup while Julie munched into a local favourite, a gallette ( Both dishes proved to be superb, and just what we needed on this cold wet day.

Suitably refreshed we set off for our last destination of the day, Concale ( Circumnavigating the estuary, across a few bridges, and across some windswept country, we arrived at Concale, situated on the opposite side of the bsy from Saint-Malo. A leisurely drive along the seawall (too cold to stop for photo ops), then twisting and turning thru ultra narrow streets of the older parts of the port, then a scenic drive along the clifftops back to Saint-Malo, and the warmth of our hotel. All up, a most satisfying day of sightseeing.

Tomorrow, we plan to explore the region to the west of the bay, close to the area where the D-Day landings took place.

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