Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2013 travel blog

Driving through the turbine maze

Some really neat rocks

A crop duster

Not much traffic in this town.

The only shade around

Coal on its way somewhere...either coming or going

Welcome to Oklahoma

A long empty stretch of road ahead of us...well, except for that...

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

We didn't go into this museum.

But there was a big dinosaur there!

And a tinman...

And the ever-present grainery

Welcome to Texas

The very BIG and the very little

Welcome to Dalhart

Our campsite at the Corral RV Park in Dalhart

There was a geocache at this lake.

Bob found this little lizard...

...while Penny searched for the geocache...

...and the cattle came to the lake for a drink.

Okay, it's time I spent some time on this blog and get you closer to where we are now.

Another sunny traveling day for the 143-mile through Oklahoma to Dalhart, Texas where we are staying at the Corral RV Park for a couple of nights.

Since I'm writing this almost a year later, I won't be as long-winded as usual. I'll be going off Bob's notes and, since he has such terrible handwriting, I'm not even too sure what he wrote!!

Our route was over US-287/385 for 96 miles then a short stint on US-56 then US-385 for almost the rest of the way. I like these short days. Along the way we saw prairie dog towns, a wind turbine farm, LOTS of trucks, grasslands, and agriculture. We surely have a "ful" country...beautiful, bountiful, and diversival (I know that isn't a word but it sort of fits in there, LOL.)

Did some geocaching and some sightseeing. There was a train yard across the street from the campground but the campground had a high fence around it so we couldn't see the trains...a disappointment. We like trains.

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