Winter in the Desert - 2013 travel blog

snowy view

GPS view

truck off road

curvy road below

Indio panorama

view from overlook

distant snow


campground lodge

campground golf course

We drove the twisty, windy Pines to Palms Scenic Byway back down to sea level to Desert Hot Springs. The road wasn't quite as alarming as it was when we drove up to JoJoba Hills, perhaps because we knew what to expect, but we did drive a bit by car yesterday to see how much snow the recent storm had left behind. The road was dry, but officials were removing a truck that had flown off a curve and landed twenty feet above the road. That's off roading to the nth degree.

This is an expensive area and many of the glitterati of the past have given their names to the roads. We drove the Sonny Bono Memorial expressway past streets named after Dinah Shore, Gerald Ford, Gene Autry, Frank Sinatra, Fred Waring and Bob Hope. I imagine after a few days here we'll come across even more.

We are staying in a campground resort that has a small golf course and gorgeous pool that will give us 50% off a week's stay if we go to a presentation enticing us to buy a mobile home here. It will be interesting to see what they have to say, but we're not ready to stop exploring. During a quick look around we noticed many mobile homes for sale. They appeared occupied and well kept, but we're wondering if there's more to know than meets the eye.

The weather is warmer here than we've enjoyed for quite some time and due to get warmer. We've heard that after March 1 the season begins to wind down and it's much more economical to be here. The extensive shade over the swimming pool hints at hot days ahead.

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