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We said, “Good-bye” to Barbara, finished all of our laundry, and were on our way by 10:30 only to decide to back out of her driveway the other way and……oops, I killed her landlord’s mailbox. Backed right over it and snapped it off of its pole. Dang it!! I got a scratch on the back bumper and it looks like bird poop.

We made our way along the north side of Olympic NP and drove through some amazingly gorgeous countryside. The whole way it was misty rain and damp and cold. I miss the sun, but not the hot! We pulled in to Port Angeles and the clouds lifted enough to look across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to see Canada on the northern horizon. We stopped at the Olympic National Park Visitor Center there and tried to find out what kind of berries we kept seeing all along the roadways. Karen bought a book on wild berries and then decided the ones we kept seeing were elderberries. They are small and bright red and appear in clusters on the trees/bushes. They seem to be undisturbed by animals, but she wants to try them so we had to make sure they were not poisonous. Continuing up to Hurricane Ridge, the highest road in the park, we encountered heavy fog. As we made our way up to the top at over 5,200 feet above sea level the temperature dropped to the mid 40’s. Yes, it was cold! We heated water for hot tea with our dinner. The clouds parted somewhat so we could see some distance, but they had the mountain tops socked in so we did not see Mt. Olympus. All was not lost as we saw a Momma deer with her baby. We had never seen a baby with his spots before in real life. Then we stayed and listened to a private ranger talk on insects in the park. It was private because no else showed up for the talk in the cold weather. I love private ranger talks so you get to ask all the questions you want.

After we ended our lesson on bugs we made our way back down the mountain to the campground. This is where it gets really interesting…….maneuvering through the tight campground a giant tree jumped out as I was driving by and pushed me on the right rear. I bit back and took off some bark!!!! Not a good day, but it gets even better, because everything seems to come in threes.

When we found a site we could fit in, we set up camp and turned on the water pump. Nothing was running but the pump was going crazy. I listened and discovered that the washing machine hose was spraying water all over the bedroom!!!!!! Aaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! I turned off the pump, but the water kept on spraying. I was getting soaked. I grabbed a towel and tried to turn off the valve while Karen went down to see if she could turn something off in the basement, and I couldn’t reach the valve as my arm was not long enough. So I hollered for her to come in and help me turn it off so we could stop the water from drenching the entire room. She couldn’t turn the valve, so she got a screw driver for leverage, all the while water kept spraying out. Finally, it got turned off. The hose had sprung a leak and needs to be replaced. Stupid hose!!!!!! Stupid tree!!! Stupid invisible mailbox!!!!! We had s’mores for dinner. We deserved it. Tomorrow is a new day. It doesn’t get much crazier than this. We hope.

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